Multiplatform CRM & CLM solution
for Your Business Needs

Interactive Presentations

Propose interesting, animated, engaging presentations to your customers that let you use images, videos, objects or simple text, and animate them using a wide range of effects.

Reporting and Analysis

Because your marketing segmentation constantly improves, you can continually refine your communication with the closed loop marketing software – providing each doctor with relevant and high value information and services.

Content Management Platform

Make your marketing campaign live with our content management system. Create content, publish it to sales reps and adopt it based on true feedback.

Our clients

How does it work (CLM cycle)

1. Create

Develop interactive product presentations and distribute them instantly via all your channels. Reduce development cycle time by using slide templates and special widgets. Tailor your content for specific regions and customer groups using built-in presentation editor. Choose what customer response data you want to track and gather it directly from your slides.  Add charts, pictures, videos and animation to support your key message.

2. Plan

With powerful CRM functionality target and segment your customer base in the real time and offer personalized content based on it. Connect right reps with right customers and empower them with right message.

3. Execute

Make your field force equipped with everything they need available on a single device, in one application: CRM to schedule and execute their calls and CLM to detail products and services with interactive presentations. Market and promote your products via all available channels – personalized 1-to-1 meetings, remote calls, group meetings, and websites.

4. Analyze

Seamlessly gather all required information for reporting and analysis and significantly reduce sales team time spent on reporting. Gather data in real time mode and enhance you reporting capabilities with new data collected directly from detailing presentations. Assess your sales and marketing performance and make right decisions on the go.

Multichannel Delivery

  • Every CLM project should be compatible across all company’s devices and channels (web, offline, laptops, tablets, etc.) and provide a single, central place for managing users, content and reporting.

  • Combining CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and CLM (Closed-Loop Marketing) in a single tool allows you to get powerful insight into your field activities gather and analyze field data in real time and immediately react on the data you collected – and it’s all in one place.
  • CT Mobile is a platform-independent solution that can be integrated with any CRM application (, SAP, Oracle, etc.) on the back-end and run on any device (iPad, Android, Windows Mobile).
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